Sunday, September 6, 2009

(d) What will I do to debrief my students after I have attended the fieldtrip?

This photo can be found in google pictures

(d) What will I do to debrief students after attending the fieldtrip?

After attending the fieldtrip, I will debrief students by having them complete a few activities, including:

  • Draw a picture of your favorite part of the fieldtrip

  • Write a story about your fieldtrip experience

  • In groups of 3, share your drawing and story

  • Using the scientific method, conduct an experiment


  1. I think the methods you will be using to debrief the students are great. I think that incorporating a drawing a group discussion allows EL students to participate and feel like part of the class.

  2. I also like the art aspect of your debriefing. Drawing will allow a less stressful approach for students to express themselves.